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Race Director of Baja Bike Race: Josh Poe

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

Some of you may know me, this is for the ones that don't.

I am Josh Poe; Race Director for Baja Bike Race. I would love to see all your smiling faces in Baja this October 5th 2019 for our annual ride through the wine country of Baja California Mexico. This region is also referred to as the Valle de Guadalupe.

Little bit about myself. I am U.S. Veteran that loved to serve his country but also love to help people out. I grew up riding BMX, mountain biking and raced the ABA series in Illinois. In my 20's, I found my way into triathlons and decided to buy my first road bike to knock out a half-ironman 6 weeks after I got it. Although I did finish with good results, my road cycling skills and etiquette was severely inadequate. I was the guy bombing corners, not holding my line and had no understanding of riding in a group. I just wanted to get to the finish and have a shot of tequila! From that point forward, I found a true love for the road cycling community.

After the military, I went to school for International Security Conflict Resolution and Islamic studies with the goal furthering my career in Law Enforcement. As with a-lot of people, with time our goals and ambitions change. My idea of what I wanted in a career was changing but we'll get back to that in a second...

I use to go down to Baja all the time for a volleyball tournament in the town of La Salina called the La Salina Invitational later called the Corona Open. This was the highlight of my summer as it was around $65 for 3 days and 2 nights of partying and camping on the beach! Every year a group of us would roll down and have the time of our life for a very little expense. Going to that event every year, I began to fall in love with the people and the atmosphere it provided. Every time I went down, I found a new adventure, great food and hung out with amazing people. I would always think, how is it that more people don't travel to our neighboring country more!?!

One day many years later, I was on a long car ride back from Los Angeles to San Diego and someone told me about this epic ride from Tecate to Ensenada called the Monday International. How the ride grew and grew and grew to over 15,500 riders by it's 11th year and it was in Baja California Mexico! Then the question came up that with my love of cycling, I should be (along with my better half Michelle) the person to bring back this famous ride. So we made some phone calls and sent some emails and on June 21st 2015 we brought the Tecate to Ensenada route back to life after being gone for 22 years. After our first year on Father's day weekend and in the blistering heat, we decided to move it to October to have cooler weather but also be outside the road racing season calendar.

Our event is a race, granfondo and overall fun ride designed for everyone to participate. I can attest that our course is not the easiest but with all the support we provide can be done without fear of safety. You may not finish but we have SAG, you may break down but we have mechanical support, you may get thirsty but we have 5 hydration points and you will have fun because that is our goal! I created this event for the love that I have for Mexico, a country I do not belong to but feel everyone needs to experience it first hand and not go by what people have said. We are here to increase tourism through the sport of cycling! Hope to see you in October!

I could not have put this event on without my family, friends, my fiancee and support of State of Baja including the municipals of Ensenada and Tecate. I thank you all for your continued support!

Leave questions and comments below, until then cycle on my friends!

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