Looking to expose your brand?

Here at Baja Bike Race, we are looking for key sponsors for our upcoming race on October 9th, 2016.

Who is Baja Bike Race?

Baja Bike Race was created to bring back the largest and most infamous cycling routes in Baja California Mexico and the Southern California region: The Monday International ride.  This ride started in 1970 and had over 15,000 participants at its peak in 1989 but was cancelled in 1993 due to unsafe road conditions.  So with new roads and safe conditions we brought it back for the first time in over 20 years. This event is geared towards the competitive cyclist but recreational fun riders are encouraged to accept the challenge. The route takes you from the city of Tecate to the city of Ensenada in Baja California Mexico totaling 73 miles.  During the ride, you will climb almost 4000' with 4 major hills.  To create additional competition amongst riders, we created a race within the race to the top to one of the hills.  Competitors with the fastest time will earn themselves King and Queen of the hill!  Our race will utilize live tracking, so you will be able to be tracked by friends and family through social media.

In our first year 2015, we had over 1200 spectators, and almost 500 registered riders (55% Mexican locals / 45% international) coming from 6 countries and 7 different states across the United States.  Our 2016 race is projecting to have 1000-2000 participants with our target being American and international tourists.  In 2015 we did a marketing road trip along the west coast taking us from Ensenada B.C. Mexico all the way to Canada.  We stopped at over 350 bicycle shops, 20 bicycle coalitions, and attended multiple cycling events.  Our goal this year is to market not just on the west coast but across the U.S.. We would like to also promote to a broader international audience taking us to Europe and Asia. We have also built a substantial social media audience in the cycling and local baja/international communities (The numbers as of February 2016: Facebook: 10,300 -- Instagram: 2,595 -- Twitter: 397). We are fully supported by the State of Baja as well as the cities of Tecate and Ensenada Baja California Mexico!

Do you want to expand your brand's reach into:
-Baja California
-South California
-International tourism

Then, we are the brand and event you want to sponsor.  We are an ever growing brand and event and looking to build back to the former Monday International cycling event.

contact us at sponsorships@bajabikerace.com